November 13, 2006

hot water bottle

Margaret bought me a brand new hot water bottle. Its bottle green with a little aqua mixed in, and the screwtop has been fashioned out of the bottom of a light bulb! It's filled with hot water and is warming up my bed that has a new blanket on it. The lights are out - no electricity and I have about 10 candles lit up in different parts of the house. Its very homely and old fashioned!

Last night I didn't sleep - a flu has hit me like a hammer and the cold is here and I have a hundred thoughts - and out of it all - I knew I just desired to hear and know Gods voice. And the still quiet voice that has spoken to me says 'trust me' and those words will never change - for God is trustworthy always.

I am thinking of my Mum and nephews this day and night - but none the less I feel I have never been quite as blessed as I am just now because God has chosen me to live here in this northern town with the people he has chosen for my life - and it is special, and God himself is my soulmate and teacher and his grace and love are ever present. And my bed is going to be warm tonight - and I have a feeling I will lay down and sleep in peace.

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