November 08, 2006

my bedside table

This is my bedside table... Candles are out because now in the super ftoft (cold!!) winter the electricity goes off a bit more often - though its been super these days. My daily light and beloved book "come away my beloved" which is just like letters from God to me, and my little Bible which is more of a treasure the older it gets. A torch, a travel clock and little stones around a small fotograph of Rebecca, Hez and Matt walking down a sandy hill on a Cornwall beach, and a little plaque of a verse that says "I will not forget you...I have held you in the palm of my hand." And finally at the shelf space is a row of journals partly and yet to be filled! I have lots of stories from Albania that are yet to be written, stories of my childhood and life yet to be written. I like writing. And I'm not doing too much of it these days... but I will some time.

All this to say though - that I have posted some new photos on "Beths Photos" they are off the castle - two beach shots and again my apartment!! I don't know what it is with that - but I'm so proud of it!! I work late into the night - recently have put down new flooring on the old concrete tiles, so I take photos in the night time too - so never any bright sunshine shots... oh well! Just, for those interested - this is how the house looks now... The castle was brilliant. No photos though yet of the people of the church or the trips to Tirana or the ways the Lord is leading and guiding and providing friends and vision for living here in Albania. I havn't yet told stories of the life of Albania - the trials that people have and are enduring. I am glad to be here and as I get to know Albania more - I hope to be a story teller of the people and the place and of Jesus!


Mary said...

amen to that, beth!!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand it any longer. I am coming to see you in the spring come hell or high water!! Talk soon.

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