November 19, 2006


There's no doubt about it - we want to be special - somehow...
Actors and actresses, famous people, the adventurous, the inventive.
People compelled - there's no getting round the fact that they just can't give in from doing that which defines them, makes them known. I'm the same. I'm compelled. I follow hard after the things which I believe in, the things which give me a reason for living. I want to do something special with my life. But in so many regards I am not at all special. People all over the world are doing things or living lives that inspire me. What I see as most special is the life lived for God - with love and peace and joy, with faith, with humility, with no self interest, with little care that they are seen to be special or not. They already know they are so special to God, and there is nothing more wonderful for them than being all consumed with Him.

Tonight in church a lady cried out - Lord we are hungry for you, for your Holy Spirit. She prayed a prayer, she cried a prayer of hunger for God - of longing just for God. It brought me into His presence, it showed me my own hunger. Our faith and love relationship with God can build up one another.

Jesus already has seen us as special - so special that he gave everything to fill our lives with value. That was the message in church tonight, to live with optimism not pessimism, to have the outlook of God who has already given all to us. Man - so often I am brought low - in spirit, in health, in heart. It was good to hear the call to the joy of heart in the easy and the difficult times. Living today with the outlook of Christ, living today with victory - serving where we are. Living out the life of mercy and love and the goodnews today, because we are loved by the God of heavan and earth.

I do want to do something special with my life - but I don't want to need to be seen as special in the eyes of others. I want to be special to the One who has made me more special than I could dream or imagine, and this beauty bestowed on me - I'll see it in heavan. A real hunger is the hunger for God when we finaly realise that nothing else compares.

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Pat said...

Hi Beth
Just had a good time reading up your latest and looking at your photos. Good. It gives a good insight. If you are getting lots out of church services then your Albanian must be good. Well done for the new flooring - your flat looks really nice!
You are special - you make a difference because you are you and God uses you to bless people. You have blessed us.
Pat (and Wilf)