October 12, 2006

walk the line

Walk the Line - the story of Johnny Cash is one of my favorite films. It holds me some how - holds my attention - because there's such a reality to it. Or a reality that I can feel. It's hard to explain - I feel it in my stomach. He knows hurt and pain, he longs for love and to be of worth - but they are not articulated longings. It's like a true and unavoidable thing. I don't know why that speaks to my heart - but it does - I suppose his story has life - because he knows love. He feels it deeply - believes in it - lives by it and is lost and damaged without it. Though he chases love, in the end it finds him - even though he abandons his own life. I really like the love he and June Carter find. It's funny me thinking about Johnny Cash and watching "walk the line" out here in Albania. I'm not sure how it relates to me - and in some ways makes me lonesome. In other ways - makes me glad to be me, and I hope I'm loved, really truely loved.

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