October 12, 2006

photos and shades of pink :)

Hi! Just to say I have uploaded more photos on "Beth's Photos" - ones of the missionary retreat I went to in September, views around Shkodra - and my own home sweet home! This is one I never included, but I quite like it. My friend Maggie from church sent me the chinese paper lampshade - as all the light shades here are thick porcelain! When I went to fit it I realised the light fittings were ancient - so bought new ones and had to cut off the old rusty ones - praying I wouldn't be electrocuted! I fixed new ones on. I was quite proud of that! Never knew how to do it before and figured it out along the way! And - its funny - that the sitting room is now pink - painted by my own hands! I've never seen myself as very "girly", but I really like it - I'm finding it nice to look at!

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