October 08, 2006

Calvary Road

I wish I could express what is in my life, my spirit, my being. I'm slowly stepping onto battle grounds. Can one go slowly onto a battle ground? I can slowly climb the mountains or terrain that lead to battle - but on the edge, a step or two from the fighting there is awaiting - a clash of swords to be outplayed and the stepping upon the battle field has a different step. It is determined and without fear - or if there is fear, its a healthy and enabeling fear transformed into the names of courage, trust and faith. And the vision is not of the weakness or feebleness of self and the terror of giants - but the vision is of possibility, promises and God - the One who has given the assurance and full resources of victory in Himself. It is as though I am stepping toward the battlefield - and it looks likes its just a foot away from me, it blows in the wind of the air. And I still wonder about my feet - if they are steady - but I am understanding that I need not look downward but upward - with a smile and with a hope.

In reality terms I think life may get busier, more complicated, spiritual times in the Lord will be sweetened by deep joy and love and forgiveness and strength, no doubt there are more times of feeling alone, there may be wounds from friend or foe, times of not knowing or seeing the way forward, times of having clear vision, there will be times of winning, laughing and great friendship and togetherness with others. Gods people are not always soldiers - sometimes they are children, they sit at banqueting tables, they are sheep in pastures green, by the rivers of life - they are always following or in the sight and care of their good, good shepherd. If I am in the truth, if I am with God, - I do have some battlegrounds around and ahead of me, not only within my heart and with my sin - but also in this world, in relationship with and in the midst of the people of it.

I feel like God has been challenging me recently - do you have courage in your heart? Do you trust me? Do you trust my comandments? Will you choose to sit aside or will you fight with me? Will you really obey me and believe what I have told you? I love you my child, and you are my chosen vessel - you are my Susan or Lucy of Narnia - but you could make some big or small mistakes - so please listen to me and put into practice all I have taught you so far. Personally I feel taken from a known world to another. I feel placed in an adventure that is unusual, has battlegrounds and journeys, friends and foes. There is a way to be taken, a reason for being and a destination that is out of sight, unclear but none the less there to be found. I wish I could express what is in my life, my spirit, my being... but what I think it is - is the christian walk of the way of Calvary Road. And I am sure of one thing that none of it is worth a thing - without honesty and real love. This road or my life upon it is in the hands of the faithful source of life, and truth and love - God, who is so near - who listens and speaks - but who leaves the steps I or we can take - to be our own - we can walk where we want. Here I stand a step away from a battleground - and I could turn aside in one way or another and that is what I sometimes do - but if I listen close and hear my Masters voice - I'll know how to go that one next step forward. I need the lead and the indwelling life of the One who has already walked the Calvary Road.

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