November 16, 2005

Bond Street Winter Days

I wish people could see how lovely my little home in Birmingham is. There are fairy lights around the front window - and the window itself is gorgeous. It has stain glass in the top frames and is divided up into an arch and long lengths of glass. In the sitting room we have cozy couches and a great old fire place that is always ablaze with burning coal and wood now that winter has come. My house mates have decided they want to bring the charm back into England - and that they do! It is a quaint victorian terraced house with charm and unique tastes of Catherine, Anna and I. There is often music on - whether eva cassidy or worship music, aim or jack johnson and a whole array of other sounds. I suppose the most wonderful of all is the loving friends that they are! And that makes a happy home.

I'm more and more excited about relating well to people - having an open heart to learn and recieve and ultimatly to love. I'm glad to choose relating to others as a primary purpose for being alive. So in thinking about running with God in His plans for life and living - in actually doing something fruitful in this sorrow filled and joy filled world - I'm just so confident that God will take care of my life. He's given me so much - and even if I have nothing for a short time (I'll never have nothing with all that I have recieved in this life already - family, friends, memories.)- I know I'll have Him, and His good provision that goes beyond what we imagine.


allan said...

When I was a kid I promised myself that one day I would go and visit Spaghetti Conjunction in Birmingham…I’m not sure why it fascinated me so much but perhaps one day I will and we can go out for a pint and talk about life, love and why. But for now, thanks for sharing. Thanks for reflecting such a gratful heart.

Jenn said...

I love your little home in Birmingham - even the watch-your-step-or-you'll-miss-one-and-lose-your-life-steep-staircase. Say hi to the roomates for me.