October 24, 2005

Returning to Albania

The Promised Land. I wonder how the people knew the land was promised to them - what faith spoke to their hearts that told them they would reach a place of milk and honey? I wonder too how I have held on to this imagination that I would be somehow connected to Albania? I've had it for so long now, and once again it is coming into sight. I'm speaking with the regional directors of WEC on Saterday - they will inform me of developments for a project being set up in Albania for children in crisis. Rainbows of Hope, the branch of WEC that are pioneers in the cause of kids at risk, have finally allowed Albania to be on the open list for places to work. If it is right and if the way is opened up - I get to be the one who goes first - to research kids at risk in Albania and pray in a team to set up a work, a project - a home. So saterday is important, and the next step in this seven year journey of mine. If all goes to plan I will be there in the middle of next year - just in time for my 30th birthday. It took its time - from dreams of an eight year old - to be somewhere that struggled, to be a part of it, to live a Jesus life there. It's okay it might take me till my 30th year to get there. I guess the boss of my life has long term plans. I'm hoping He does.

Another dream of this return is to get a four wheel drive and with two good friends - Anna and Catherine, to drive through England, France, Switzerland and Italy - all the way to Albania! What a great way to start the new venture. What a gift from God if it does all come about. I'll write all about it as it happens.


Jenn said...

wow Bethy...sounds amazing. Send me a postcard!

allan said...

Hey Beth, I love the 4X4 idea. Paul and I are planning on doing that in Africa. We will buy a jeep in Cairo and drive down through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe into South Africa all the way to Cape Town. We'll send you a post card!

Well Beth I will pray that God continues to confirm His calling to Albania and His specific calling on your life.
blessings friend.