September 13, 2005

Hello Jenn

Hello Jenn,
How is life in Texas? How are the days going?
Hope you are well. I don't have any contact details - email or address.
Let me know how you are doing,
Hope family life and settling back in the glorious state is flowing well!
Love, Beth


Jenn said...

email is; i'll email you my physical address because I need yours too. I want to send you something soon. Thanks for my own special blog entry. Honestly, things are kinda weird here in Texas - very unsettled still. Read my latest entry for more details. I really loved being in England recently and am secretly wishing I could go back - I think I'll look into studying abroad some more. I've been thinking alot about working with children at risk. But I need to find out more about it. Anyway, talk to yo soon


allan said...

I was going to reply to this post as jenn and let out all her secrets about her fondness for effulgent pommy men. But I was convicted…….and also your blog doesn’t allow for anonymous comments.