July 13, 2005

Batman begins

"it's not what is within a man, but what he does that defines him" I thought it was an awesomne quote - a kick in the right direction I think! We have dreams and hopes - but the time comes to live them out, and I guess that is what we are all trying to do - but words like that give me an extra zoom of ambition - to keep on keeping on with the aspirations within. Really liked the film too - despite the scarry mask man.

I have not written on here for ages - I've had time out from everything - even time out from myself - not cared to face some of the things that challenge me - but I'm happy to have taken my time - I know that the long term will bring all fruit to bear, and from this recent rest I feel ready to spring back up from the ocean floor and burst up for air refreshed. I'm still under the water so to speak - but in a week or so I'll be up on the Isle of Lewis with 10 free days! I'm so excited to have time to reflect - time to walk on beaches and on the croft, time to plan and dream and get some ideas in motion, time for good food, maybe wine and on the not so sunny days a nice fire in the living room fire place. Will write again from that Hebredian magic!


Jenn said...

so happy you've resurfaced. i know what you mean about needing a kick in the right direction...i'm expecting mine any day now. Maybe I should go see the movie

anyway, enjoy your break...

allan said...

Glad you are back. You're kinda like Batman... you appear and disappear. But you're not so spooky. Okay, have a good one. later