June 21, 2005

breath and energy

I'm beginning to feel an almost imperceptible renewed breeze of life coming through me - just a slight return of energy and life/breath. Spent the last two weeks with bronchitus and flu and hayfever - full of thoughts - full of alone time, full of whirlpool emotions. But today - just today - I feel a little bit of strength a little bit of life. One day I'll have something to write and say - but it is still not yet. Looking forward to hearing the griffen house album - looking forward to living with enthusiasum and life! Bring back the energy and joy - bring back the love and expression - bring back life!


Jenn said...

nice to hear from you again, friend. can't believe it's only two months until i see you...what shall we do while i'm there, besides the wedding, of course??

allan said...

beth....where have you gone?