June 01, 2005

moving day

Today - cooler than normal, everything is dark green as its rainy and humid and clear. I'm sitting in an internet cafe with funky soul music playing, I've got a diet coke and a cheese toastie - taking a well appreciated time out from the life and the world around me. It's good around me - but more of the adaptation realigning is taking place. I moved home today. Left Mum and Dad and the family home for the last 10 years.Everything is all packed up and the end of an era is now. Moved to an unknown part of Birmingham to me - Stirchly, with two great girls from work, to a nice old terraced house - but the same day I move in - Nancy has moved out - she is going back to the States after being here for 3 years. I understand the feelings of it after moving back to England from the States - a whole year ago now! I can't believe the time has gone so quickly... Everyone will be getting used to something or someone new - and soon it'll become normal and great - but today is the day of the move...

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