September 18, 2006

stirrings and small steps

There is a stirring within me, to look outward here in Shkodra. That is such a good stirring to have! But its strange when it seems so limited. I have so much to learn - language and cultural things about Albania - but I want to make small steps at being like Jesus. All I can do is have little conversations. I want to invite some friends I have made at church round to dinner - but I can't cook Albanian style yet, I don't know the hospitality rules, don't know if I would eat late at 9pm or 10pm with people if they come round to dinner, I can't even speak the same language! It kind of puts me off! But there's a stirring in me! The idea of having people round is working and I hope I just do it some time. I stand and pray or sing looking out of my window sometimes - I feel like Daniel in Babylon! But its good to have these Old Testament feelings - that I am a Chrisitian in a city that is far from God and I can be here to stand up for the things of God - to persevere, to shine, to pray and seek God on behalf of the people, and that can start with a simple visit to a neighbours house or stopping to talk with the lady who sits at the foot of the apartment everyday selling goods. I want to be stirred - in simple small ways. It's the whole point of being here. I am a bit impatient with myself - so I need God to stir within me his gentle will each day. I want great things - but my friend once quoted Mother Teresa to me - "we can't all do great things but we can do small things with great love". Oh to have that great love. How glad I am that I can spend time with the Greatest of all Love, and He can show me how.

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