September 16, 2006

Painting in Albania!

Here are some amusing photos of me painting my room! It's funny getting used to taking pictures of myself! I spent two late nights painting away. I had to get a certain paint for white washed walls and mix in a small pot of colour and two liters of water. All I had to mix with was an old metal soup ladle that I found and I mixed it all in a bucket and used a plastic tub to put paint in to roll the roller onto and a little jug to ladle paint into to use my paintbrush with. When I went to buy the paint the man in the shop who remained unmarried even though he was well into his thirties, was so impressed that I was doing all the paint work without a husband that he wanted to get engaged! I said no thanks with a smile and rode off on my bycicle! I liked painting my room as a project - listening to music and getting a job completed. I was given a set of curtains - so I got the yellow to match - it looked like it was going on a yucky kind of colour - but turned out to be a nice yellow.

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