March 30, 2006

Blue Sky and Sunshine

Candidates orientation is now over - 2 intense months of great inspiration, further growth, a deeper impact of reaching the unreached peoples of the world with the message of Jesus and His great salvation, emotional growing up, challenging team dynamics, the best of people to meet. Loved making friends there with the other 9 candidates getting ready for moving out to new places, and loved hearing the depth of peoples journey into God. There were chapel times each morning (After house duties and breakfast. No sleeping in!) and they were so brilliant. People who had lived by faith for years - relying on God, living daily in His word, they brought jewels and gifts of Him for us to think on each morning.

The other night it was raining, pouring down. I popped out briefly wrapped up in my cagoule anarak and got some Thai King Prawns in Chilli Sauce and rice from the Chineese takeaway. I came home, ate and watched Northern Exposure Episodes... it was fun - just being normal and everyday and very chilled out. I'm back home in Bond Street! And Birmingham too - brilliant seeing friends, being back at church, and being home with Anna and Catherine - my self-adopted family.

I'm going to Albania soon. Not till the middle of July. Sometimes feels like I'm wading through rivers to get there. I'll be pleased when I arrive, cause then all will make sense - I will be where I am meant to be. And I know I desire greatly to be there. I know I am meant to be here now thankfully too - but I'm being uprooted. I wish I was grown up, self contained, confident and brave enough not to feel insecure about that. I still want to be a part of my friends lives. I need to realise and believe that I am. I need to not look around me at what wont be my life for very much longer, although it will be for my friends - cause it's my life that I've got - and God's making it a tailor made best fit for me. I love Him - He's my constant clear bright blue sky and sunshine no matter what the weather. And it is bright out there - all the way to Albania!

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