January 27, 2006

Cafe times with Catherine

Today - I must update my blog. It has been over a month now since last writing. I have tons to talk about with my new ventures of life - living in a manor house, missions trainning, visions of Albania, gratefulness to God, desiring to be filled deeper with the Holy Spirit - and I will write of these things for sure - but all I want to write about briefly today is my friend Catherine.

You would love to meet her, and you will enjoy her thoughts and musings as she writes her blog - Station Road Oakly. I get the priveledge of being her Bond Street housemate. One of our favorite things to do is visit the CAFE Cafe. It is two seconds up the top of our street with "CAFE" painted bold and red upon its outside wall. It's not very big inside, and serves all the good traditions of an english cafe - hot bacon, egg or sausage sandwiches, big mugs of tea or coffee and other options I never really go for - all revolving around tastey english breakfasts. We sit in there when we can, and play backgammon! Catherine had this uncanny thing about always winning and leaving me with just one remaining piece to get into my side of the board. Always so close to winning I can never believe that she takes the victory so suddenly and easily and so often! That exciting moment breaks us out in loud laughter every time! But that is because she is Catherine and that is the fun we have in playing an old mans game such as backgammon! There is much to say about her, I am just pleased to know her and share life with her. And while I am away from my adopted home for these two months of missions training I will miss Catherine and those times and happily look forward to the rematches in the cafe with a mug of coffee where I win 10 games in a row!

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Catherine74 said...

10 games in a row, you'll be lucky!!! I do miss our old mans game in an old mans cafe, I haven't been there since last with you. I'm looking forward to hearing all your adventures.