August 27, 2005

recent days

Why is it so hard to sit and write a blog at times? I wonder why it feels like there is nothing to share although life is so full of work, travels, friends, family and all that happens in society in general. Well, I thought it was time to say something - anything!

Recent life has been a trip up to the Isle of Lewis - off the west coast of Scotland - a place like another planet really if not another ecosystem. Was great seeing family, friends and the melancholy remote landscapes. I made a second trip up to Scotland a week later - to Glasgow - attended a conference there about children at risk. It was amazingly informative and practical and I met people who so humbly devote their life to radically changing the way the world is at its worst. Again I have dreams and visions of my part to play in chipping away at the injustice, particularly in Albania.

In the midst of the day to day going to work, tidying house, figuring out what to eat for dinner and talking and laughing with housemates - I had a wonderful visit from two Chicago friends! So life is happening, life is dynamic, life is good and life has a bundle of unexplainedly hard things amongst the colour and smiles.

I have decided too - that along with it being hard to sit and write of things, it's hard to sit and read the Bible, hard to sit and talk to God, hard to make decisions of the disciplined life. I was thinking of that and found great comfort in the words that neither life nor death can seperate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. None of the happy or challenging or mundane or tragic or comical things of life can seperate us from the love of God.

Two other things that have been colourful little times of recent days - On midnight I was out looking one night for Mars - and I think I saw it close to the moon. I also had a dream of diving for stones at the bottom of the ocean and these colourful stones were made into an amazing pattern at the bottom of the ocean and reflected into a glorious, glowing pattern upon a big bright moon in the night sky. Quite cool, quite out there above the skies! No day is boring although it seems to be, and these have been the recent days for me!

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Jenn said...

glad you could come to London - it was a pleasant visit...yes, we will see each other again before ten years, especially if I move to Durham - he he he

much love