March 26, 2005

new pottery

Day of work is over, glad a friend is coming over tonight - cause there are lots of ways people leave you stranded - big and small, and the little dissapointments I'm finding more apparent as I grow, and I feel more of a need to be graceful, and hopeful. So a cool and calm and hanging out time tonight should be a fine tonic!

I'm once again an open book. Life has unravelled and the dream of street work in Albania is totally on hold, but not forgotten. That door was closed quite firmly shut at this time and in that specific place, and now I'm as unaware of what the future holds as on the day I was born! I had this picture of a new lump of clay, not that the old me and the work of the potters hands needed replacing - but I feel like I am about to be made anew, and this jar of clay is becoming a collection of humble designs. I'm okay with that - it's actually all that I want - to be made in the image that the artist has in mind.

Waiting and holding on tight as the wheel starts spinning. Splashes of water bring some smoothing over but really, this lump of mud is being plyed right now, and its not so comfortable. I guess we all need to go through the purely individual experience of being made.

blessings! Beth

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