March 05, 2005

home from work

It's a cold evening, just finished work, and tomorrow is a day off... nice. Mothers Day is tomorrow - over here - this side of the Atlantic, and will hopefully go to church with the parents and it'll be nice to be there once again. I think I'll go out and see "Life Aquatic" tonight with my old friend Mark. So normality rules. Quite nice really. Everything's 'nice'! Need that though - the chilling out time - but with it is a dormant thought of what I need to do - to live this life well. Although some things are on hold, and I choose to just switch off and relax - I want to keep up with the essentials in the long run - time with God, healthy living, being the best I can be. Often just hopeful hopes! Anyway - just capturing my feelings before my small weekend begins! Hope all is well with Chicago life at the moment.


Jenn said...

Glad to hear it. Life sounds peaceful. I wish I could come and see for myself. I need a vacation. Ah, well...Spring Break is the next two weeks. I'll be working in the offic though, not much of a break. Happy Mother's Day to your mother. Have a good weekend.


beth smith said...

I miss you. I am getting hungry for time out right now. Just getting away - feeling no obligation to anyone or anything (I can never be like that) Overall just wanting to reconnect with the Lord I guess - I want to hear His perspective - kinda like what you wrote about last. I'm really fixated in finding out exactly where He wants me to be. I don't know that that is wrong. I want to trust him above myself - I'm scared to make the wrong choice. Some would say there is no wrong choice? Anyway - you wanna plan a holiday somewhere in the British Isles? A getaway kind of holiday!

beth smith said...

Hey there - another comment, another day! Well just wanted to show you this guesthouse I found on an island called Iona (can see photos of the place on the web - it's got an interesting history). I'm really thinking of going - sometime in March - for a week or so. It's an adventure getting there - and I'm sure the nature and the atmosphere would be good. You're very welcome to come! If it were at all possible. I know it is highly unlikely... Would love you to come! I think I am going to try to go there this month - something I've always wanted to do - just fly away somewhere for some peace and searching.

Jenn said...

I've thought of that...not that exact place, but something like it. I wish I could come along, but I have no money and no time with all the homework I have to get done in order to graduate. But I should be coming to England to see Peter Munro get married and maybe I can make it a longer stay, a couple of weeks and I can visit you wherever you are. I'll have to start saving now, so let me know if that's something we could work out. I don't want impose on you.

As for the other, I think any decision you have the freedom to make is within God's will, but He will lead you to his best. Sometimes you just have to take a step to know if you're headed in the right direction. That's why I decided not to go to Turkey. I knew it would be fun, but I trust God's leading. I feel so much peace about not going that I can't even remember why I wanted to go in the first place. It was a hard decision, but it was ultimately right. Plus I think there's a point where you can trust your heart if you know that God reigns there. We are so afraid of trusting the work God has done in us already, like it is going to disappear or something. God will honor your sincere desire to serve him, Beth. I hope you have a good time if you go to Iona...there's a band I know with that name. Their CD "Beyond these Shores" would be perfect to listen to while you're there if you can find it.