February 17, 2005

first venture

Well, there are many firsts - and this is one, to start a form of publication - so very unlike me, although would love to write something of worth one day - so may as well begin to get some practice in! The matter of presently writing something of worth... well...not keeping my fingers crossed about that - but I have the great ones who have gone before me to learn from!

This is all for now - a mere hello to the blog world... I look forward to all of this... it feels like there is something new to take hold of, the ideas that change the way we think and help us look at who we are.



allan said...

hey beth
it’s been a while. Welcome to the matrix. I look forward to your writing... but if only I could hear your voice...ahhh...that would be magic. If I ever write a book (my book will have to be a children's book- I’m not clever enough for adults) promise me your voice will be available for doing the audiotapes and CD version of it. Deal? Yeah...just don't start smoking or we will have to renegotiate.

Well, welcome anyway.

beth smith said...

I better pack in the rolling tobacco then!! Your welcome is very pleasing - even being on your name list made my day :) I think the children books author is by far the cleverest! I'll give my voice when the words and illistrations are all in place. Keep me posted! By the way - I think I need a few tips on how to present this blog thing...