November 02, 2006

the castle

I went to the castle some days back. Was awesome. Really imagined I was in Narnia! It was fun going up to explore the castle for the first time - with two girls from England. Louise lives in Tirana, the capital of Albania and Sally her friend was visiting her for a week, they passed through Shkodra on their way to Montenegro. Some funny littles things of the visit were boys who were standing up on a bridge throwing fire crackers down at us. And - up at the top level way up the hill were two unexpected little chiwawa dogs looking down at us at the entrance of a museum. We went in to see the museum and wandered around it in the dark as they didn't have any electricity!

Some days later I went for the second time with some visiting preachers and people from the church - and for the first time I saw a real wild eagle soar up above in the sky. A really good place to see an eagle for the first time here in Albania - especially as Albania is known as the Land of the Eagles!

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Mary said...

this is short, beth, but i wanted you to know how much i appreciate your stories. sometimes, i have a hard time falling to sleep or dream about end times things a lot, so i try to call up these stories of yours so my imagination will take me to much more pleasant and adventurous dreams. thank you for these stories :)