October 19, 2006


I love my family. I love my friends and if I could I'd be with them forever! I'm glad I'm in tune with the desires of Jesus - cause He wants to be forever with his family and friends too! In Jesus we're gonna share that eternal love and eternal life. Praise the Lord!

What I really want to say though is that it broke my heart somewhat to leave or be far from those I love, and I've known that feeling many times, and I knew it coming to Albania three months ago. And when that happens I loose a certain faith that the love within me will be expressed or fulfilled, but Jesus knows what he is doing with my life - and he fulfills the creation of me. I'm with a small group of Christians here that inspire me incredibly. Though its just been a small ammount of time that I have been with them - I have the deepest of repect for them and am in wonder at how deep the Fathers love for me can be that he would choose to place me here. I just want to be with them, learn from them. I've come to see that what I love so much in people - is seeing God character in them, seeing God expressed. The spirits of these people are beautiful - and I know they are alive in the spirit of the living God. Love enfuses me - I am so grateful for it. I know this love within me is a God thing - cause I never see that I can have anymore than what I already feel - and then I find myself surprised - cause it flows deeply once again! Somehow there is always room to love more. I think its an eternal fountain, it wells up to eternal life - from the source of Living Water that is there for all to drink freely from. Can there be such an amazing thing? I am in wonder.

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