October 20, 2006

Hi Noah and Jacob!!


Henrietta said...

Hi Beth! I opened a blogspot account, to blatently copy you, cos i love all your photo uploads. but i haven't been able to upload any, the button just doesn't want to work. have you any idea why not (over there in albania) ?! loved the photos for your nephews! love Henri xx

beth smith said...

Hey Henri,

That's cool! Look forward to seeing what your blog will be like!! I had trouble uploading photos at the start - over here in Albania. Think you just gotta keep on trying. If you are posting more than one - be sure to use the 'add another photo' button (or whatever it's called) and then press the 'upload' button. It does take a while to upload, then press done and continue on with posting... I noticed though if a mistake is made - its impossible (as far as I can tell) to re-edit photos once they are uploaded - and sometimes - just gotta make a whole new post. Try uploading your photos on a new post, dont continue working on a post that doesn't seem to work.

Cool! Quite a long explaination of nothing too smart!!

I've been posting loads recently... Am reading through the things you wrote yesterday.

God bless! Love, Beth xx