October 16, 2006

3 month transition

I've done it! I'm through! I made it through transit! That's what it feels like. If I was swimming I could say I've swum the English Channel or something...! I feel I'm in my place now. It's been three months since I have come to Albania (well in two days time at least). I've been given a real sense of focus and purpose - last night I stayed up late and set myself up for an intensive 6 months of language and reading program - books of Albania and its history and of children at risk and also 3 language programs. I'm excited to do it and feel a liberty to invest this time this way. I have an apartment where I feel at home and the beginnings of many friendships and aqquaintances.

Was fun - I just came home from meeting to pray with Judith and Margaret, did my shopping on the way home. Monday mornings are for shopping and laundry for the week - and I decided to get a special sandwich at the super market - they're incredible - a toasted pannini with ham, cheese, cucumber, tomatoe, olives, natural yogurt, mayo, ketchup and a few chips!! I decided to give up diet coke and little extras like chocolate :( just to be healthier - but thought a nice tradition for my monday weekly shop would be a supermarket sandwich and a diet coke! Nice simple things of life! Nice to be building up a routine. When I made it back to my pallati (apartment) after the normal greetings to the lady at the bottom of the pallati and to Lorenc and Vera in their little shop, I tied up my bike and was unloading the two crates of water I have to buy (don't want kindney stones with all the lime in the water) and the young girl from the ground floor and her friend were there - they so excitedly asked if I needed help - so I said yes and they trooped up the strairs with the water. I said they were very good girls and they ran down the stairs smiling widely!

I'll go now to my language lesson in a house down the road, then go to a Bible study at the church, and come home in the evening after a busy day! I've made it! I'm through the transition stage. For now - I'm home!

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