March 13, 2005

loved by God

I try to please God, I try to be worthy of His love, I try to demand His love, but none of this makes any difference - and in a moment He shows me His love, and He pours out His love, and it makes me beautiful in His love. My prayer is to thank Him, and my prayer is to see His love. This is true, this is wonder, this is love, this is Jesus and the love of God. My heart overflows with a good theme, the love of God. Loved by God. Holded by God. Treasured by God. Loved by the most beautiful God.


allan said...

Hey Beth, I like what you wrote. I am gleefully on the side of understanding that I can never be worthy of His love. I mean, I heard someone once say that, there is nothing I can do to make Him love me more and there is nothing I can do to make Him love me less. there a more stable beautiful place to be then that? Thanks for sharing Beth. The house on the island looks wonderful by the way. I hope you go and have a lovely time.

beth smith said...

Thanks Allan. You know, although I live in the grace of it - it is rare that I fully catch a glimpse of this truth, but the times I have known it deeply have been awesome. I am blessed to have been affected by God in this life, and that I will hold on to continually! Hey - maybe you will come over this side of the waters again - and we can all take an escape to the Isle. Yeah - I hope one day I'll go, I think alone one time would be pretty cool actually.